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Try the DataFlex Sample Apps in your WordPress site

If you do not have any DataFlex apps of your own, but want to see how they will work within your WordPress site, you can use the DataFlex sample app shortcodes.

Note: See the demo DataFlex apps in the Samples section of this site.

To embed DataFlex sample apps in your WordPress site:

  1. Follow the instructions for  installing the DF4WP plugin.
  2. From WordPress, open the page in which you want to embed a DataFlex app.
    Note: You may want to create a new page for test purposes.
  3. Do one of the following:
  • For a desktop app, enter one of the following shortcodes:
    • [df4wp-webapp apppath=”//www.dataflex4wordpress.com/MyMusic” height=800]
    • [df4wp-webapp apppath=”//www.dataflex4wordpress.com/Orders” height=800]
  • For a mobile app, enter one of the following shortcodes:
    • [df4wp-webapp apppath=”//www.dataflex4wordpress.com/MyMusicMobile” height=800]
    • [df4wp-webapp apppath=”//www.dataflex4wordpress.com/MobileOrders” height=800]

Next Step?

Download DataFlex Personal and create your own apps to embed in your WordPress site.